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Back to Basics Chiropractic
, PLLC, is owned and operated by Dr. Brian Punturiero. Dr. Punturiero purchased the remaining assests of the practice, formerly Suburban Chiropractic, and now oversees treatment at 3620 Harlem Rd. in Cheektowaga NY.

Formerly a doctor of chiropractic at Suburban Chiropractic Associates and A.D.I.O. Chiropractic and Massage, Punturiero has an extensive background in auto and work injury patient care. He currently offers these services as well as general pediatric and geriatric patient wellness care.

Dr Brian Punturiero New York Chiropractic College AlumniWith an aim to eliminate interference in the spine that impedes optimal functioning of the body Punturiero operates under the philosophy that chiropractic care can deliver patient relief not otherwise achievable through traditional medicine. Dr. Punturiero received his doctor of chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY.



See what patients have to say about Dr. Punturiero!

After my mountain biking accident at Holiday Valley, I had some serious mid-back and neck pain. A day after my first session with Dr.Punturiero, and I’m walking around and working at almost 100% again. His great attitude, attention to detail and professionalism makes me look forward to my follow up visit for sure. Great practice!


Dr. Brian is a miracle worker.
Chiropractic care has helped reduce the frequency and severity of my migraines for a while now, but i have always been in too much pain or too far away to reach a chiropractor during a migraine. Until a few days ago, when Dr. Brian’s healing hands brought me back to life during a migraine. The relief was unbelievable. Before the adjustment, I was whimpering and unable to really open my eyes in the light. In less than five minutes, the pain was virtually gone and I was literally bouncing around in joy.

The next time a migraine strikes, I’ll be reaching for Dr. Brian’s card instead of the pain medication.


I work on my feet for up to 12 hours a day and always experienced pain, throbbing, and fatigue in my lower back, hamstrings, quadraceps, and calves during the day. Shifting my weight, removing my shoes, stretching, anything, just to get relief. Had my feet scanned and had a pair of Foot Levelers Orthotics made. Took 3 days to break them in so I could wear them all day, and now, I have absolutely no pain or fatigue, I am not constantly shifting my weight, and I am not exhausted at the end of the day. Best thing for the feet bar none.

Living with neck pain for 3 years is hard. Seeing two separate doctors who didn t have the time or means to help was very hard. Dr. Punturiero changed all that. He used his knowledge and experience to build a treatment plan that fit my schedule and fixed the problem. The attention and consideration I received at Back To Basics is unmatched. The extra time Dr. P took that other doctors would not take improved my life. My life is truly easier to live pain free. I would still be living my painful, unproductive lifestyle if it wasn t for Dr. Punturiero.


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