After my mountain biking accident at Holiday Valley, I had some serious mid-back and neck pain. A day after my first session with Dr.Punturiero, and I’m walking around and working at almost 100% again. His great attitude, attention to detail and professionalism makes me look forward to my follow up visit for sure. Great practice!


Dr. Brian is a miracle worker.

Chiropractic care has helped reduce the frequency and severity of my migraines for a while now, but i have always been in too much pain or too far away to reach a chiropractor during a migraine. Until a few days ago, when Dr. Brian’s healing hands brought me back to life during a migraine. The relief was unbelievable. Before the adjustment, I was whimpering and unable to really open my eyes in the light. In less than five minutes, the pain was virtually gone and I was literally bouncing around in joy.

The next time a migraine strikes, I’ll be reaching for Dr. Brian’s card instead of the pain medication.


When our infant daughter was having some trouble with digestion and colic and nothing else seemed to help much, we brought her in to get adjusted as well. It looked like he was just holding her gently and playing with her legs and arms, but he was actually adjusting her as she smiled up at him from his lap. We noticed an improvement in her right away. He also showed us how to move her legs while she’s on her back to keep her joints loose and help relieve pressure from gas in her belly. She’s now three months old and is a very happy, healthy little girl who loves going to see Dr. Brian!

-C.E. Buffalo, NY

I work on my feet for up to 12 hours a day and always experienced pain, throbbing, and fatigue in my lower back, hamstrings, quadraceps, and calves during the day. Shifting my weight, removing my shoes, stretching, anything, just to get relief. Had my feet scanned and had a pair of Foot Levelers Orthotics made. Took 3 days to break them in so I could wear them all day, and now, I have absolutely no pain or fatigue, I am not constantly shifting my weight, and I am not exhausted at the end of the day. Best thing for the feet bar none.
-C. B., DVM Tonawanda, NY

Living with neck pain for 3 years is hard. Seeing two separate doctors who didnt have the time or means to help was very hard. Dr. Punturiero changed all that. He used his knowledge and experience to build a treatment plan that fit my schedule and fixed the problem. The attention and consideration I received at Back To Basics is unmatched. The extra time Dr. P took that other doctors would not take improved my life. My life is truly easier to live pain free. I would still be living my painful, unproductive lifestyle if it wasnt for Dr. Punturiero.

– B.P

I have great news! Remember I said my wrist has hurting? Well, it’s much better. I can even squeeze my fist, and I was able to sleep last night. Thank you!

– T.G. Akron

After being seriously injured in an automobile accident in December 2005, I was under the care of numerous medical professionals. It was at this time I met Dr. Brian Punturiero, of Back to Basics Chiropractic. Dr. Punturiero has been instrumental first, in helping to diagnose the full extent of the injury as well as providing a logical series of treatments which not only include traditional chiropractic practices but nutritional ones as well. Dr Punturiero has been very accommodating when scheduling appointments due to my having multiple appointments daily. He has also been very understanding on those few occasions when extreme pain made it unsafe to travel to the appointment or when delays at another doctors office forced me to miss my scheduled appointment. Often he was able to accommodate me later that same day. I have been seeing him for over a year and he continues to offer new treatment options when they are appropriate to my injury. I travel from Akron, NY for treatments and find the commute to be well worth his unparalleled care. I am certain that his treatments have played a significant role in my road to recovery. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has an injury requiring chiropractic care.

– G.S. Akron, NY

I’ve been under the care of a chiropractor since I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of thirteen. I’ve received care from three different practitioners since then, and Dr. Punturiero’s technique and bed side manner has proven to be the best. He is truly committed to your well-being. I plan on getting adjusted more frequently for preventative care rather than suffer agonizing pain when I’m overdue. If you’re new to chiropractic care or just new to Dr. Punturiero, I can say confidently that you will be very happy.

– A.L. Buffalo, NY

I had agonizing back pain which kept me from doing even the most basic things, even sleeping. One session with Dr. Punturiero and I was instantly healed. He was able to see me on short notice, his office is comfortable and professional, and it didn’t cost a fortune. He even gave me some products to use at home. Thanks!

– B.M. Buffalo, NY

I began going to the chiropractor at the age of 10 because of lower back pain and frequent headaches. I have changed chiropractors many times over the years for various different reasons, but since 2004 when I discovered Suburban Chiropractic, I have remained with Dr. Punturiero. Not only do I feel welcomed by the staff, the office is conveniently located, and Dr. Brian always makes me feel completely at ease.

In addition, Dr. Brian has given me stretches to do when I am at home which have contributed to strengthening my back. Most importantly, though, is that Dr. Brian never makes me feel rushed and takes the time to explain things as well as answer any questions I may have. This has added to my overall health and made me a more informed patient. It has also convinced me that there will be no need to change chiropractors anymore – check out Back to Basics and you’ll see what I mean!

– J.P. Buffalo, NY

I was a total chiropractic skeptic. If I had pain, it would go away. It always did. Then, one day, it didn’t. Usually, I self medicate with Advil or Ibuprofin, but even they couldn’t take this pain away. I missed work, couldn’t play with my kids and couldn’t help my wife out with housework. I was referred to Back to Basics Chiropractic by a friend. Upon meeting with Dr. Punturiero, I immediately felt at ease, and my questions about chiropractic were addressed. Dr. Brian has a great bedside manner, and really cares about the well being of his patients. I am now pain free, and go regularly for maintenance care. Thank you!

– M.B. Cheektowaga, NY


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